Micro Business Therapy™

with Simplicity Expert, A.Michelle Blakeley

Business Nourishment for the Entrepreneur’s Soul™

business growthSustainable and holistic business practices are not just about environmentalism. They are the natural order of doing business according to your fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. It is about conducting business based on a set of conscious actions and ethical activities that drive your purpose and support your core values.

Implementing holistic and sustainable business practices, allows you to take the path of least resistance to agile growth. They are business practices that increase your capacity to endure the trials and tribulations of starting, developing and growing your business.

Here is the A-Z of Business Nourishment™ for the entrepreneur:

Active listening. That is why we have 2 ears and one mouth. Know when to be silent.
Be in the moment. Pay attention to the now. Don’t crowd your thoughts.
Collaborate with like-minded people. Shared interests and visions create movements.
Determine your core values, and then live by them. You are what you believe.
Enhance diversity through experiences. Broaden your mind. Be open to change and new experiences.
Financial success is a byproduct of your competitive advantage.
Get to know your clients. Talk to them personally via phone or in person as often as you can.
Hone your skillset with perpetual learning. You are the expert on what you know.
Identify your ideal market. Know who you want to service and who benefits the most from your offerings.
Just keep going. Don’t stop.
Keep your finger on the pulse, locally. Be the familiar face in your community.
Leverage your resources. Network like a ninja.
Make informed decisions. Be responsible and accountable for your choices. Be prepared to take risks.
Nothing is more important than the health of your mind, body and soul. Protect them at all costs.
Organize operations and decrease operational expenses. Clean desk, clear mind.
Protect your brand at all times.
Quality vs. Quantity. Know which one is important and more valued to your clients.
Resist the urge to ignore the environment. Increase your efforts to a smaller footprint. Recycle. Reuse. Local.
Simple solutions to complex problems should always be your first line of defense.
Transcend your passion with purpose. Purpose is sustainable.
Underestimating can undermine your efforts.
Value relationships. Be careful of the bridges you burn, you may need to make a u-turn one day.
Work hard, but work smart. Efficiency and effectiveness must go hand-in-hand.
eXample (I was close). Lead by example. You never know who is watching or looking up to you.
(Don’t) Yield. Take the lane. Know when to be assertive, not aggressive.
Zero tolerance for excuses.

These sustainable practices allow you to persevere. Think of them as business nourishment. When practiced, they feed your business what it needs to be healthy. A healthy business accounts for the owner, the client, the community and the environment. A well-balanced source that gives as well as it receives.

Think long and hard about the connection between your current lifestyle, your business and your purpose. They are intrinsically intertwined. They feed off of each other. When they are aligned, you’ll find yourself keenly aware of that connection and reflected in your business decisions. What’s good for you, is what’s good for your business, your clients and your community.

What are your thoughts?

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