Micro Business Therapy™

with Simplicity Expert, A.Michelle Blakeley

How effective entrepreneurs start, sustain and scale their business

Starting a business is risky, but effective entrepreneurs know how to mitigate that risk with due diligence, steadfast focus and unwavering determination. The calculated optimism of these perceptive risk-takers is … Continue reading

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Holistic business practices aren’t just about the environment (or going “green”)

When we talk about “holistic” or “sustainable” practices, we tend to think about health, the environment or going green. According to the Center for Sustainable Business Practices, “the goal in … Continue reading

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Couch Sessions: My business is affecting my health

In today’s fast-paced world, small business owners are even more hyper-connected and overloaded with information, choices, and distractions. One of the hardest things to determine is whether you’re on the … Continue reading

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