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8 Solid reasons why you need a copywriter to improve your brand

Even if you are a good writer, it doesn’t hurt to enlist a second pair of eyes when the flow of your words can make or break a deal or proposal. Copywriters are skilled wordsmiths that not only translate your vision and messaging, but their compelling communications can set you apart from your competitors.

A well-written press release, announcement, article or email marketing piece is often the first point of contact with prospects. You only get one time to make a good first impression and it’s not always in person. Don’t mince words. Use a copywriter to improve and brand.

Speak directly to with your market

Copywriting is the secret weapon every business should be using. Copywriting allows businesses to scale their sales efforts and to speak to directly to their customer’s problems, needs and desires. Eric Moeller, @copydojo

Maintain a professional image

By necessity, most businesses operate at the last minute. Proposals, writing pitch letters – every business communication sets a tone and presents your face to the client. A misspelling, a grammatical error or a typo can hurt your corporate image. Nancy Germond, @insurancewriter

Effectively turn words into imagery

Tell your story so it resonates with clients. As a developer, I am too close to the product. I know its features and its benefits. What I don’t know is how to turn it into a story that appeals to prospective customers. That’s what copywriters do, and good ones are hard to find. Don Fishback, @donfishback

Copywriters are not social media experts, know the difference

Professional companies need to reach targeted audiences; both their emotions and their wallets, across an ever-widening number of platforms. Good copywriters make it happen, and the best also understand on-page SEO and social conversation, adding immense value for the client. A copywriter is not a web designer, a social media expert, or a marketing guru and people with these skills are not copywriters. Hire the right person for the job to get the best results! Victoria Ipri, @VictoriaIpri

Bad copy stinks out loud

Everyone who can read, can readily tell the difference between a quality message and a disorganized shill, if only on a subconscious level (where most purchasing choices are made). In fact, the main thing that keeps so many business owners from recognizing the need for good copy, in my experience, is the subtlety of its effect. A customer is not going to rave to you about the quality of your slogan or written advertisement, and you won’t know if your copy is ineffective because it will turn away potential customers at the point of first contact with your brand, making negative feedback nonexistent. Joseph O’Neill, The Expert Institute

Internal communication is as important as external communication

Today’s business environment requires more written communication than ever before: daily intranet articles at large companies, reports, email, blogs, websites, social media, texting, speeches…. It’s a lot for a non-writer. Poor writing can make a brilliant executive look like a complete idiot, expose the company to liability, and affect relationships between divisions, customers and employees. You will be quoted. The ramifications of poor communication can be huge. A good copywriter helps the executive find their OWN voice, works quickly, edits lightly, and helps encourage reading. Sheri Rice, @sheriricebentle

Know what you don’t know

Most businesses don’t know they need one, so just by thinking ahead and getting one, you’re screaming past the competition. Dan Stelter, @danstelterseo

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing

Yes, the world can change very fast these days and you have to 
keep pace. But, what you put out there has to be
 effective, accurate and politically correct. So, before you rush to your computer to post something, make 
sure you have carefully considered the
 effects of your message so you don’t wind up saying something that is 
going to come back to bite you. You don’t just need a copywriter on speed dial, you may also need 
an editor, and a lawyer, too. Robert Barrows, http://www.barrows.com

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